​​Costa Blanca Winter League
The Winter League runs from September through to April and the matches are generally played on the last Friday of each month. Four pairs compete playing ​fourball betterball matchplay.

The squad for the 2018/2019 season was Chris Partridge, Colin Grant, Dave Kerr, David Lawson, Gary Stone, Hans Benzler, Jack McKnight, Jim Johnson, John Holgate, John Williams (sequel), Jordan Duffy, Kevin Ramsey LLDC1, Roger Jennings, Sandor Rozsa, Steve Lamb, Tony Bowers, Martin Oddy, Mike Giles, Andy Price LLDC2, Ray Gambrill, Sean Carr, Alan Mason, Guernsey Dave.


Game 1 v La Sella, 23/10.  Loss 1-7.
Game 2 v SAS, 26/10. Loss 2-6.
Game 3 v Pego, 29/11. Loss 1-7.
Game 4 v Levante, 25/01.  Loss 2-6.
Game 5 v Orba, 22/02. Win 5-3.
Game 6 v CL, 29/03.  Draw 4-4.
Game 7 v FEA, 26/04. Win 5-3

Unfortunately, we finished the season bottom of the table on 20 points, and thus relegated to Division 2.  Had we won our final game 8-0 we would have secured our position in the top flight.  A 5-3 win was good, but not quite good enough.
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Costa Blanca Summer League
The 2019 Summer League runs from May through to September. 9 Societies have entered 2 pairs per team. 18 pairs will play in each match and league points will be awarded depending upon their finishing position, based on stableford points.

The squad is Gary Stone, Hans Benzler, Jack McKnight, John Williams (sequel), Jordan Duffy, Steve Lamb, Martin Oddy, Mike Giles, Andy Price LLDC2, Guernsey Dave, Dave Lawson, Chris Cole.  Roger Jennings is on standby.

The squad is for those Members who would like to be considered for selection, if they make themselves available. If any other Member would like to be included in the squad, contact Martin Oddy by email. Please send your email to m.oddy@outlook.com

Match dates, courses and formats are:

23rd May. El Saler. Better Ball.
13th June. Oliva Nova. Scramble.
11th July. Villaitana. Aggregate.
15th Aug. La Galiana. Better Ball.
5th Sept. La Sella. Scramble.

The team and results for the El Saler game were:

Hans Benzler & John Williams(s).
30 stableford points. 
Finished 16th of 18. 
3 league points.

Martin Oddy & Mike Giles.
31 stableford points.
Finished 15th of 18.
4 league points.

League points 7.
League position 9th.

The team and results for the Oliva Nova game were:

Hans Benzler & Steve Lamb.
41 stableford points. 
Finished 8th.
11 league points.

Jordan Duffy & Martin Oddy.
39 stableford points. 
Finished 12th.
7 league points.

League points 18.
Total league points 25.
League position 7th.

The team for the Villaitana game is:

Jordan Duffy & Guernsey Dave
Martin Oddy & Andy Price LLDC2

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