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Ben strikes again

It was very pleasing to see a full complement of 24 players for the second game in a row. And, we had three other members who wanted to play that we just couldn't fit in! Apologies to those guys. But, it means get your names down quickly for upcoming games. The best way is to RSVP via the App as soon as registration opens. This is usually 10 or 17 days before the game. Keep a look out to avoid disappointment.

Another apology now. This will be a quicker and shorter report than normal. Three reasons. One, still sulking from the Derby v Leeds CBKO knockout thanks to Viv. Two, slight hangover following the 4-0 win over Norwich that gets LUFC to Wembley. And three, off to Cape Verde.

So, our winner at Alenda was Ben Wilcock with 35 points. He double checked his card with his marker this time before handing it in to make sure it was correct. He didn't want to suffer again.

Our Ben has three stars now. Couldn't find a photo of Big Ben striking at 3 o clock so 7.10 will have to do.

Two players that did suffer were Dave Smith and Captain Jordan. Both played well to score 34 points but it was not enough. Dave had the edge on the back nine, so he finished second.

Gold Star Chart 15052024
Download PDF • 67KB


Guernsey Dave was one of those affected by late registration so Roger Miller took advantage of his absence to claim his 10th Senior win. 32 points was enough to see off the other six youngsters. Roger played really well and finished 7th overall.

Library photo from a previous win at Oliva. Still looks the same though.

Silver Star Chart 15052024
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Hole 3. Pankaj Bakshi hit a great shot here to pin high 3 yards off to the left. Only three yards but the nerves kicked in. No birdie.

Hole 16. Hans Benzler hit the best shot. His ball finished just 7 yards from the flag, also to the left. In fact his ball was on the green by just 6 inches. Good job there was a left to right bank at that very spot, otherwise?? Birdie?? Nope, but got his par.


Going to gloss over these for obvious reasons.

Viv Bacon beat Martin Oddy by 1 hole. it was an up and down affair and there was never much in it. But, Viv was steady as ever and her consistent fine play did the trick. She went 1 up at the 17th and the 18th was halved. It could have been very different. Viv's first putt at the 18th didn't get over the ridge and rolled all the way back. Her second putt nearly did the same, but it just held on the brow about 6 feet away. She did very well to sink the putt after that scare Meanwhile Martin had an 8 foot putt that was heading straight for the middle of the cup but it stopped just two inches short. She so nearly lost it. He so nearly won it. It was that close. Well played Viv.

No hard feelings ffs

Roger Jennings beat Gary Stone by 1 hole. Gary was not playing at his best based on his stabelford score of 26 points so he did really well to keep the game going as long as it did, and remember, he was giving away 14 shots. Congrats to Roger, commiserations to Gary.


It was a €54 rollover so there was more interest than normal. Predictions were a bit lower this time given that we are much better golfers now and we are, generally, looking after our balls better. Tony Bowers decided to have a go and plumped for 33 which turned out to be a lucrative choice.


Back in the clubhouse, our Captain was on top form. After all, he had just nearly won. He was happy with our numbers and even happier with the course, comparing and contrasting with La Sella last week. We will be going back (quite soon actually).

Our next game is at Poniente on Wednesday 29th May. We will be playing an individual stableford competition plus a yellow ball team event. Go to the Events Description for the Rules.

As ever, this game will be sponsored by Blevins Franks, International Tax and Wealth Management.


Licence to Play

We expect Members to obtain the appropriate Federated Licence valid in Spain. This licence grants permission to play on all the Courses on our schedule and includes the liability and accident insurance required by Royal Decree 849/1993.

As a general guide, resident Members should be looking to obtain an Annual Licence with handicap from their corresponding Spanish Regional Federation. In the Valencia Region the cost is €104.20. There is a one off joining fee of €15.

Non resident Members can also obtain an Annual Licence if they wish. If not, they should purchase a One Day Licence at each course which affiliates them to the Federation for that day's play. A One Day Licence costs €2.

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