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Beware of a bruised Ram

It was back to La Sella to see if we could play the original course, Llebeig then Gregal. We did, but we were still not happy. The driving range was closed! The putting green by the first, was closed! And the greens themselves? Iffy, to say the least. Not sure if we will be rushing back, but vamos a ver.

23 of us had to put up with these problems, and struggled with them. The 23 included one new Member, Gerry Clark, and one White Coast veteran, Steve Lamb. Steve can't play regularly now but he will join us when he can as a guest. Good to see you Steve, and welcome Gerry.

1 player had to put up with the same problems, and one besides but didn't struggle. Viv Bacon had an altercation with an oyster the day before and lost. Trying to prize the slippery little bugger out of its shell, she lost control of the knife, and nearly cut her hand off. All bandaged and bruised, she was hoping it wouldn't spoil her round, but she couldn't be sure.

To add insult to injury, Russ Hedges hit a shot across the 7th fairway that caught Viv unawares and whacked her in the Ram tattoo area. She has flashed that before, so we know where it is. Painful! Another bruise. Undeterred, she soldiered on, just like Derby. Despite the pain, suffering and bruising, she racked up 38 points, which was way ahead of everyone else. Gold and Silver to the bruised Ram. Well done Viv.

Doesn't look battered and bruised.

Battered and bruised were Sean Carr and Gary Stone. They came in with only 35 points and 34 points to finish second and third respectively.

Gold Star Chart 08052024
Download PDF • 68KB


There were eight Seniors in the field, but none could keep pace with The Ram. Sean and Roger Jennings did their best but to no avail. Second Silver now for Viv and moving up that leaderboard.

Silver Star Chart 08052024
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Hole 13. Slightly easier now without the water. Russ Hedges hit his tee shot straight at the flag but left it 7 yards short. Birdie?? Nope, but he got his par.

Hole 15. Elevated tee but bunkers right and left in front of the green. Viv Bacon navigated those to finish 7 yards past the hole on the left, disappointing Merrick Robinson in the process. Did she get her birdie? No, had to settle for par as well.


We must be getting better. We only left 25 balls out there. John Holgate tried his best to get the count somewhere close to Christoph Dünwald's 38 until he himself ran out of balls at the 8th. He had to borrow one from one of the others. He was offered a choice of a ProV1 or a Wilson Staff. He didn't want to lose someone else's ProV1 but he was happy to lose someone else's Wilson Staff. As it turned out, he didn't lose another ball. Strange.


Roger and out!

Jordan Duffy v Roger Miller

Roger had 20 shots on Captain Jordan which proved just too much. Roger played his steady match play game, using his shots wisely. Despite this Jordan was in the match right to the end. Roger Miller goes through 1up.

Mick Callanan v Roger Jennings

This time, the other Roger had 9 shots on Mick, and again, it was just too much. It was a Roger Jennings win 4&3.

All smiles over a nice cup of tea.


Penny Barden is taking the Poniente yellow ball team game very seriously. She's not going to lose that one is she?


Back in the clubhouse Captain Jordan did the honours as normal, hiding his CBKO disappointment very well. He so nearly remembered the lost ball sweep as well.

Our next game is at Alenda on Wednesday 15th May. It looks like it will be a full turn out again.

As ever, this game will be sponsored by Blevins Franks, International Tax and Wealth Management.


Licence to Play

We expect Members to obtain the appropriate Federated Licence valid in Spain. This licence grants permission to play on all the Courses on our schedule and includes the liability and accident insurance required by Royal Decree 849/1993.

As a general guide, resident Members should be looking to obtain an Annual Licence with handicap from their corresponding Spanish Regional Federation. In the Valencia Region the cost is €104.20. There is a one off joining fee of €15.

Non resident Members can also obtain an Annual Licence if they wish. If not, they should purchase a One Day Licence at each course which affiliates them to the Federation for that day's play. A One Day Licence costs €2.

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