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"It's been a blast"

We say goodbye to another of our Members. Chris Cole is returning to the UK on the 20th September, after being here in Spain for 21 years.

His first game with us was at Bonalba in June of 2019. And his record since then speaks for itself. Thanks to a suspect handicap, he leaves with 5 Gold Stars, 8 Silver Stars, a SPOTY in 2021 and a MIPOTY in 2022. As everyone has already said, what would these numbers have looked like had his putting from 3 feet been better?

Which brings us to the matter in hand. How will we remember Chris Cole?? We will certainly remember the dodgy handicap. But, we will also remember his generosity, sense of humour, Sailor Boy stories and, of course, those peanut butter and guava jelly sandwiches. Without doubt though, we will remember him most for those putts from three feet.

We all tried to help. And Chris spent many long hours trying to fix it. It was so frustrating. Nothing seemed to work. Until the boffins at White Coast found the answer. THE putter. This was presented to him on Friday 16th August after he played his final game, a League Squad friendly, at Finestrat.

The Yonex Iconic Pendulum Putter

Don't be fooled by the bent shaft, this putter comes with motion sensors, cameras, radar, accelerometers and AI.

No matter the erratic movements made by the player, these technologies work seamlessly in the background to convert them into a perfect pendulum motion.

The optical range finder calculates the distance to the hole and triggers alerts at three feet or less, making sure the pendulum motion is especially smooth from that distance.

Chris acknowledged his putting woes in the very nice leaving letter he wanted everyone to see. Despite these travails he wanted us all to know that he has enjoyed his time with us, and that he will have many fond memories of the people he played with. If you didn't see this missive, or want to read it again, there is a link to it here

The good news is that Chris intends to stay being a Member of White Coast. That way he will be able to stay in touch with us all, keep up to date with news and gossip, and play with us when he comes back to visit.

All that remains then is for us to wish him and Mrs C all the very best for their return to the UK. We will miss them but wish them well. As Chris would say, "God's speed and a fair wind".

Officer on deck!.

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