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It really was Septuagenarian's Day

There were 9 playing out of 21, creeping up towards 50% of the total. And 4 of these featured in the top 5! Unfortunately, our most junior Senior wasn't amongst them. Whether the pressure of joining this illustrious group was too much, or whether his mind was elsewhere, we will just have to speculate. On his birthday, Captain Jordan scored 30 points, and he let his big brother Jerry beat him by 4. Bless.

His mind was obviously elsewhere.

One Senior who can deal with the pressure is Ray Gambrill. Even losing his phone somewhere along the first fairway didn't phase him. He relaxed after he had gone back to find it, thanks to Roger Jennings who was ringing it. He birdied holes 4 and 8 which helped him rack up an incredible 25 points on the front 9. Hole 8 was worth 5 points! Had he not blobbed holes 14 and 18 on the way back, we might have had to call Guinness World Records again. Still, 15 points coming back, and a total of 40 points for the round, was more than enough to see off the rest. Stars everywhere, and way ahead on GOTY with 163 points. Ray can now bask in the glory over the summer break.

Come and get me Jordan, if you think you are good enough!

Another Senior Senior came 2nd. Gordon Mitchell was playing Alenda for the first time.

He played it like he had been round there umpteen times before. Quietly confident on the tee and fairways, he hit quite a number of shots that belied his playing handicap on the day of 40.  If he could stop "chipping" that first putt, his handicap would come down dramatically. He thoroughly enjoyed his first round at Alenda though.

Tony Bowers recovered his form to finish third with 37 points. Being a youngster, he was quick to spot that the envelope, that should have contained his winnings, was empty. This was quickly remedied by our Treasurer, John Holgate, who swapped the envelope for the Senior's envelope. See, Septuagenarian's Day.

Gold Star Chart 03072024
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Enough said, but Gordon Mitchell and Poster Boy were snapping at your heels. Bask away Ray, that's two in a row.

Silver Star Chart 03072024
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Hole 3. Duffy's Number. Tony Bowers hit a sand wedge 195 yards to finish almost pin high just 8 yards on the left. Jerry Duffy was hoping to win this one, obviously, but he didn't. Tony then took his driver out but he fluffed his birdie attempt. Had to settle for a par.

Hole 13. Tony Bowers again. This time a pitching wedge for this 200 yard par 3. Two clubs too short, his ball was straight but 25 yards from the pin. Not risking it this time, he used his putter but still didn't get his birdie. Another par.

Hole 16. Guernsey hit a steady shot that went straight for the flag and finished just 8 and a half paces short. Looking on anxiously from the 17th tee was Keith Price. He had just written his name down and the ink was still not dry. Unfortunately for Keith, his ball was 9 and a half paces away. Close. Birdie for Guernsey? Nope.

Hole 18. A Birthday wheeze, or was it a birthday joke. A prize for the NP with the second shot? Is he mad, or clever? Bryson DeChambeau would struggle to get there in two! Needless to say, none of our lot did. So, no prize required at the 18th. Clever.


The sweep was worth €70. It was going to be won come what may. The nearest selection was going to be good enough. Mr. Robinson was smart. He kept away from the pack, bet low, and hedged his bet by selecting two numbers side by side, 28 and 29. Once again, we didn't lose many balls, so his gamble of going low was correct. At the first count the number of balls lost was 28. But then, the last group remembered that Peter Dymyd went for the green at the 18th with his second shot, to try and win that birthday NP. Peter did say his ball would probably end up in the water, which it did! So, the total was now 29. Mr. Robinson's gamble of selecting two low numbers, side by side was also correct. NIce one. He wasn't there at the end to bask in his glory. It's in the bank Merrick.


Well, that's it for now. Our Summer break is here. Enjoy, wherever you are, and whatever you get up to.

Our first game back after the break is at El Plantío on Wednesday 4th September.

As ever, this game will be sponsored by Blevins Franks, International Tax and Wealth Management.


Licence to Play

We expect Members to obtain the appropriate Federated Licence valid in Spain. This licence grants permission to play on all the Courses on our schedule and includes the liability and accident insurance required by Royal Decree 849/1993.

As a general guide, resident Members should be looking to obtain an Annual Licence with handicap from their corresponding Spanish Regional Federation. In the Valencia Region the cost is €104.20. There is a one off joining fee of €15.

Non resident Members can also obtain an Annual Licence if they wish. If not, they should purchase a One Day Licence at each course which affiliates them to the Federation for that day's play. A One Day Licence costs €2.

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