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Leicester 0 - Leeds United 1

Since this report is being written well after the event, it would be a shame not to mention the well deserved win at Leicester. This followed equally well deserved wins by Andy Price and Tony Bowers at Font del Llop.

It was a great day at FDL on the Wednesday, and it was a great night at The King Power Stadium on the Friday. We could wax lyrical about that night but we will concentrate on our deserving White Coast winners.

First off, a quick mention of the turnout. 24 of us found FDL this time without problem, and this included three welcome guests, Penny Barden, Roger Pearce and Hugh Geddes. Our Society seems to be going from strength to strength.

Andy Price was only able to play only because some very nice people were taking good care of Mrs Price at home. We hope her condition is very temporary and improves quickly. Andy obviously decided to win this game for her. 42 points is mightily impressive. His round had no blobs, no three putts, and only three single point holes. Gold and Silver then for Mrs P.

Gold Star Chart 01112023
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Probably thinking they would win, were Jordan Duffy and Hans Benzler with 41 an 40 points respectively. But no, they had to settle for second and third.


Once again, a Senior comes first. Our Seniors are just too good.

Silver Star Chart 01112023
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Hole 3. Viv Bacon. Great shot to 10 yards. Birdie?? Nope.

Hole 16. Today's NP specialist, Viv. Exceptional shot to just 4 feet. Birdie? Oh yes, a 5 pointer.


Pankaj Bakshi is a Chartered Accountant so he is good with numbers and formulas. He made a schoolboy error with his calculation last time out, but he tweaked his formula, and crunched the numbers for this one and got it spot on. 59 was the answer. The double entry in his book says he collected €94.


The 2023 Final. Gary Stone v Tony 9 shot Bowers. What a prospect. Gary played well, very well. After all he scored 38 points. But Tony used his shots wisely. He had shots on 2, 3 and 4 so went three up quite quickly. From there it was always going to be difficult, but Gary did get it back to just one hole. But Tony still had three shots to use which he made pay, and then he parred the 16th to clinch the match, 3&2.

Our CBKO Champion 2023 is Tony Bowers. Well done Tony and commiserations Gary.


Our next game is at Bonalba on Wednesday 15th November.

As ever, this game will be sponsored by Blevins Franks, International Tax and Wealth Management.


Licence to Play

We expect Members to obtain the appropriate Federated LIcence valid in Spain. This licence grants permission to play on all the Courses on our schedule and includes the liability and accident insurance required by Royal Decree 849/1993.

As a general guide, resident Members should be looking to obtain an Annual LIcence from their corresponding Spanish Regional Federation. In the Valencia Region the cost is €101.30. For those not wanting to have an official handicap, the cost is reduced to €89.30. There is a one off joining fee of €15.

Non resident Members can also obtain an Annial LIcence if they wish. If not, they should purchase a One Day LIcence at each course which affiliates them to the Federation for that day's play. A One Day Licence costs €2.

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