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The White Coast equivalent of the BAFTAs took place at Costa Marco's, Benimarco, on Saturday 18th November. What a night it was. See all the winners below.

Our host. Struggling to get on script. Got it right at the fourth attempt. Thank goodness for Anna the prompt.

Jordan was the clear winner in the organising and hosting category. And Anna came first in the organising the host category. They received a dinner for two voucher for their favourite restaurant in Calpe, El Posit. Well deserved guys.


This was close. It was only decided at Bonalba on the Wednesday before. Jordan's round of 35 points and second place, clinched it for him. For the second year running, the DUFFY in the Player of the Year category, is Jordan. Top three were:

Jordan Duffy 174

Guernsey Dave 170

Tony Bowers 158


This category was not as close. For a long time, it looked like there would only be one winner, but as the man himself said, "one day I will play rubbish" or words to that effect. His early season form was enough to see off the challenge from Ray Gambrill by 18 points.

The DUFFY for Senior Player of the Year goes to Guernsey Dave.


There were some keenly fought games throughout this competition, but one player stood out in every round. His wins were emphatic, and against some quality players. His results speak for themselves. 5&4. 5&3. 6&5. And in The Final against Gary Stone 3&2. Very impressive.

The DUFFY in the CBKO category goes to Tony Bowers.


With this record, no contest. Average points per round 2022, 28. In 2023, 35. The DUFFY for Most Improved Player of the Year goes to Roger Jennings.

MABS Raffle

Campbell Lamont produced some kind of conjurers trick to win. He was invited to draw the winning number from the hat. As he was doing so, he predicted he would pick out his own number, 151. Out came 151! Feeling confident, he said he would do it again to prove it was no fluke. Out came another ticket, and again, one of his own, 153. Thinking now that he really was a magician, he went in for a third time. His magical powers must have buggered off ever so slightly. Out came 113. It did not belong to Campbell Lamont, the Magicion. No, it belonged to Peter Dymyd, the Winner.

I really wanted that hamper,ffs.


The audience was packed with red carpet celebrities as you would expect at The DUFFYs but credit where credit is due:

Raffle Ticket Hardmen: Anna and Pilar. Not to be messed with.

Entertainment: Mat Mason. On form as usual.

Costa Marco's: All the kitchen, waiters and bar staff. They were excellent.

Comedian: Gary Stone. No one was expecting that, not even Gary!

Fall guy: Dave (I haven't played since March) Hardy.

New guys: Too many to mention, but we had a lot, and they made a big difference.

Best Guests: Campbell and Angie Lamont. An absolute pleasure.

We think we can chalk that one up as a success. The big question now is?

Who will be at The DUFFYs 2024??

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