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The Sting

Peter (aka Johnny Hooker) Dymyd seeks to take revenge at Bonalba after being struck down by an Orba Warbler Bee, the most venemous type.

It does look red though

Peter wasn't going to turn up at one point, such was the pain. But, he was determined that the venom from the bee (it was a female bee, by the way) was not going to get the better of him. No, he was going to take his revenge by whacking that golf ball around the course, and if he came across any bees along the way, he would give them a whack as well.

In fact , it turns out that Melittin, the main and most toxic compound in bee venom, is also very good at improving the golf swing. This beneficial side effect peaks some 24 hours after the sting. Peter didn't know this, he just thought he was playing well. 38 points was enough to beat all the rest who were clean and not drug induced. He would have cracked 40 points had he not been trying to take revenge out on a bee at the 9th, causing him to three putt from 12 inches. Turns out it was a male bee anyway.

Gold Star Chart 15112023
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Jordan Duffy and Roger Jennings had no chance against the one person who was on a high. They had to settle for 2nd and 3rd places with 35 and 34 points respectively.

Nobody knew but the incident with the male bee at the 9th was being watched the male bee's Mrs, who was mightily annoyed that her hubbie was trying to be killed by a high as a kite golfer. She, was now on the look out for revenge. Along came Gary Stone, playing quite well. "Here mate, have some Melittin on me", she said, and "tell your mate to be more careful with bees in the future, otherwise there will be no food".

So, Gary got stung in the neck by the wife of the Bonalba bee that Peter had chased on the green at the 9th. The effects kicked in quite quickly, and Gary needed treatment from the charity lady at the 11th, who just happened to have some ointment with her. You couldn't make this up could you!

After the soothing neck massage (no ointment in sight!) , Gary continued to play well, but he did not get the Melittin boost. Remember, that only kicks in after 24 hours. He had to settle for 8th place with 32 points.


Roger Jennings hasn't been a Senior that long but he is racing up the leaderboard. That's four stars this year.

Silver Star Chart 15112023
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Hole 8. Peter Dymyd, in the first group, hit his shot just passed the hole on the right some 4 yards away. Great shot. Birdie? Nope but he got his par.

Hole 14. Long par three on the day. Ray Gambrill MOT hit his three wood straight as an arrow. His ball finished just 5 yards short and with a straight uphill putt to get his birdie. Surely?? Noooo, three putted. How could that be.


Barry Woodcock knows his lost balls. He thought Bonalba was worth 2 per player but the weather today was sunny and warm with a light south westerly breeze. Taking these conditions into account, he thought fewer balls would be lost. He correctly calculated that today the loss per player would be 1.7142857. €34 for predicting that 36 balls would be added to the 100's already out there.


Back in the clubhouse, our Captain conducted the presentation ceremony with his usual aplomb. He reminded us that our end of year awards dinner was coming up this Saturday, and he was looking forward to seeing many of us there. The POTY comp was close he said.

Our next game is at Alicante on Wednesday 29th November. It will be an AM-AM four man team event.

As ever, this game will be sponsored by Blevins Franks, International Tax and Wealth Management.


Licence to Play

We expect Members to obtain the appropriate Federated LIcence valid in Spain. This licence grants permission to play on all the Courses on our schedule and includes the liability and accident insurance required by Royal Decree 849/1993.

As a general guide, resident Members should be looking to obtain an Annual LIcence from their corresponding Spanish Regional Federation. In the Valencia Region the cost is €101.30. For those not wanting to have an official handicap, the cost is reduced to €89.30. There is a one off joining fee of €15.

Non resident Members can also obtain an Annial LIcence if they wish. If not, they should purchase a One Day LIcence at each course which affiliates them to the Federation for that day's play. A One Day Licence costs €2.

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